Wooden Chopping Boards

Cook in style with our durable chopping boards.

Wooden chopping boards are essential for preparing foods, whether you fancy yourself the next Food Network star or your go-to meal is a PB&J sandwich. At WKS Wood Design, we create wooden chopping boards for all kinds of kitchens and the cooks who frequent them.

Wooden Chopping Boards

One of the best things about wooden cutting boards is that they are knife-friendly, giving your knives just the right amount of resistance to keep them from getting dull too quickly. This detail also improves safety in the home, keeping your tools in good working order, which reduces the chance of getting cut.

Wooden chopping boards also offer safety in another way. Despite what many people think, bacteria like E. coli and salmonella can’t grow on wooden chopping boards. Because of these natural defenses, wooden boards are a clean way to handle raw foods and keep you and the ones you cook for safe.

Another reason to consider wooden chopping boards is because they are aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of luxury and warmth to your space. You can choose cutting boards made from a variety of wood types and various sizes, letting you match the style of your room with ease. And if you follow our care tips, your chopping boards will last for many years. This is because chopping boards of good quality are strong and don’t bend, crack, or chip.

Wooden chopping boards are also good for the environment because they break down naturally and can be used again and again. Wood sources can be replenished sustainably if they are correctly handled, making wood a greener choice than plastic or other man-made materials.

Wooden chopping boards have been the choice of cooks for many years, offering the benefits listed above and others. Contact our team today to learn more.