Whether you are an interior designer or just a homeowner with good taste, you understand that the details make all the difference. When you’re designing a living room, you want it to be comfortable yet more formal than the other areas of the home, as this is the space where visitors are received. And one detail that perfectly strikes the balance between comfort and formality is a live edge mantel.

Live edge shelf

Live edge mantels are not much different from regular mantels, or the decorative framework around fireplaces. Fireplaces are naturally cozy all on their own, but you can manipulate a fireplace’s appearance to evoke the feeling you want in a living room.

Live edge mantels are made of wood with edges that have not been cut to be straight and smooth. At least one edge will be left natural, offering a reminder of the natural beauty of the tree from which it was created. With this type of design, you can create a rustic feel in a living room. Or, it can serve as a contrast to the more modern elements of the space.

Live edge mantels look beautiful in all different styles of rooms—and all different types of rooms too. After all, the living room isn’t the only space that can have a fireplace. If you have a fireplace in a library or bedroom, live edge mantels can make these spaces more beautiful than ever.

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