Wood Bowls – As Useful Today as in Pioneer Days

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A carpenter who could make wood bowls was one of the most popular tradespeople during pioneer days. Most of the quickly crafted bowls made by pioneers themselves, lacking in experience, are long gone, but those made well by woodworking shops endure.

Wood bowls can also be used for décor purposes

Back then, a household often had several wood bowls, and each was saved for a specific purpose. There was one to make bread in, another for chopping food, and perhaps another for mixing ingredients for a meal. Meals were often served in wood bowls, as well. If you are fortunate enough to come across an antique bowl in good condition, it was likely one carefully rubbed and oiled for bread making.

You might not be interested in making your own bread today, but there are still many amazing uses for wood bowls today. One common use is for salads, as they are perfect for mixing the salad and taking it right to the table for a beautiful presentation. The oils in the dressing continue to keep wood bowls looking great. While salad is the prevalent use for wood bowls today, they can be used for far more than that. Some people are making the change to wood bowls, platters, plates, and more to avoid the toxins that can exist in other materials.

Wood bowls can also be used for décor purposes – housing artificial fruit for a table display, for example. Small bowls with potpourri placed around the house can make your home smell great. For décor, choose wood bowls that have been stained and finished. In the case of food use, you may prefer unstained and unsealed ones.

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