Why You Should Consider Live Edge Shelves for Your Home

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Shelves are an important aspect of any home. Not only do they provide some extra storage, but they also provide a place for you to display picture frames, books, plants, dishes, and all kinds of decorative objects. In addition, they allow you to use vertical space to make a room feel larger.

Why You Should Consider Live Edge Shelves for Your Home

There are many styles of shelves you could choose, from built-ins to floating shelves, and there are even more choices when it comes to materials. One option you should consider is live edge shelves, which are cut to have unfinished, natural edges instead of clean lines. Here are a few benefits of live edge shelves:

  • They are versatile- Live edge shelves are a great option because they look beautiful in all kinds of homes. Whether your interior design tastes are more rustic or current, these shelves can add an interesting touch and timeless look that you can enjoy for many years.
  • They offer natural beauty- Using live edge shelves is a great way to bring some nature into your home. The neutral color can make your home feel more calming, and the natural edges can provide a sense of movement.
  • They are sustainable- Live edge shelves are more environmentally friendly than other types of shelves because they waste less wood by preserving the edges. In addition, live edge shelves are often made from reclaimed wood.

At WKS Wood Design, we create beautiful live edge products that are perfect for all kinds of homes. If you are interested in our lived edge shelves, give us a call today.