Why the Best Cutting Boards Are Wooden

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Why the Best Cutting Boards Are WoodenCutting boards are an essential if you like to cook. They protect your countertops from damage when you need to chop vegetables, fruits, or meat. They can also function as decorative pieces when you aren’t using them. Cutting boards can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, rubber, glass, or stone, but if you ask us, all the best cutting boards are wooden.Here are a few reasons wooden cutting boards are a great choice:

  • Durable- Wooden cutting boards will last you for many years, and they hold up well despite daily use. They won’t break easily like plastic or glass. Even though they are not immune to scratches and damage, you can sand wood cutting boards to restore them to a better condition.
  • Antibacterial- Wooden cutting boards tend to be more sanitary than other types because many types of wood have antibacterial properties. Several studies show that bacteria are more likely to die on a wooden cutting board and more likely to multiply on a plastic one, so if you want to avoid getting sick, a wood cutting board is the way to go.
  • Beautiful- Wood cutting boards can be a stylish addition to your kitchen. They add warmth and natural beauty to the room, and you can display them in a number of ways. You can place them on your countertops, put them on a shelf, or even hang them up.

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