Live a Little with Live Edge Tables

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If you are looking for something truly unique in your interior design, you may have just found the right blog. We think you might be interested in livening things up for your clients using our live edge tables. You’re in interior design, so you may already know, but just in case not everyone out there reading this article does – what exactly is a live edge table?

Live a Little with Live Edge Tables

According to a basic online search, you can see examples of live edge tables from many vendors, some with a lot more artistry than others and some with more of a plank or roughly finished board style. The basic concept of a live edge table is that the live edge is used (not a planed or straightened edge). By definition, this actually leaves a lot of room for artistic freedom as pieces of wood are fitted together to create a basic, roughly-styled table or a piece that looks like fine modern art for your custom live edge table needs.

We love working with most hard wood slabs (just not oak because we are particular about the finish that we provide to our clients, and oak cracks, unfortunately). The hard wood slabs we do use for piecing together tables are all kiln-dried. (This is also true for any cutting boards you may want to add for decoration or offer to your client to add to the kitchen’s hosting masterpieces.) Help your clients live a little. Set them up to live with live edge tables.