Debunking Myths about Wood Cutting Boards

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Back when plastic cutting boards became popular, there were misunderstandings that the old-fashioned wood cutting boards may not be as great as once believed. Since then, we have researched the real facts and the making of wooden cutting boards has been perfected. Here are three debunked myths about wood cutting boards.

Your Many Options in Cutting Boards

  • Myth #1. Not food safe: It was once believed that wood cutting boards were the least sanitary cutting boards out there because the porous surface of the wood would act as a growing ground for bacteria. This is not true. The surface of the wood actually traps any bacteria that may get on it and kills it. That makes it one of the most sanitary cutting boards you could possibly find.
  • Myth #2. Doesn’t last: Another myth about wood cutting boards is that they don’t last long because they warp and crack so easily. This also isn’t necessarily true. As long as you care for your wood cutting board properly by cleaning it with hot soapy water, treating it with mineral oil, and avoiding the dishwasher or soaking the wood; your cutting board can last much longer than any others.
  • Myth #3. No better than plastic: This last myth that wood cutting boards are no better than plastic cutting boards, so you might as well save those few dollars with plastic is absolutely false. Wood cutting boards are better for your knives because they won’t dull them so easily, they’re sturdier and longer lasting, and when you go with our custom wood cutting boards at WKS Wood Design, you can have beautiful cutting boards you’ll want to keep for forever.

A lot has been learned about wooden cutting boards since plastic cutting boards became popular. Many will even recommend wood over plastic when it comes to deciding on the best material. If you would like to learn more or are interested on ordering a custom-made wood cutting board, give us a call.