Natural Live Edge Tables

Get the wild sophistication of natural live edge tables for your space.

Sitting down to eat is something that most of us do every day, often a few times every day, so wouldn’t it be nice to sit down to a beautiful table that you use and enjoy regularly? Here at WKS Wood Design, our tables aren’t going to be the same flat-pack furniture tables that many of us have seen time and time again. Instead, when you sit down to a gorgeous, natural edge table that was made courtesy of our carpenter here at WKS Wood Design, you’ll be sitting down to a lovely piece that you’ll be proud to show off!

Natural live edge tables are just like what they sound — a table with one or more natural edges. When trees are milled down to workable pieces, the edges of the tree are often discarded or hewn down into things like sawdust or toothpicks. With live edge tables, the curvy edges are kept and are often a beautiful addition to any table in any room.

While many of us think of dining tables when we think of natural edge tables, there are plenty of options for natural edge tables that go beyond dining purposes. We can also make natural edge side tables, coffee tables, work tables, and other pieces that will work for your space. If you love the wild sophistication of a natural edge, we can help you design a great piece for your own Apex, North Carolina home.

To learn more about natural edge tables, give us a call today here at WKS Wood Design.


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