Live Edge Shelves, Cary, NC

One functional and visually appealing product in our line is live edge shelves.

Many of the products sold in big-box stores and through furniture retailers are made of manmade materials. While some of these materials look visually appealing, they don’t quite beat the appeal of natural materials. Nature can produce fascinating and unique things, including the gorgeous wood from various types of trees. At WKS Wood Design, we see the beauty in natural products and use stunning wood to create our unique live edge products. A live edge piece features the original beauty of the wood, rather than a finished edge.

Live Edge Shelves in Cary, North Carolina

One functional and visually appealing product in our line is live edge shelves. You can add these to the walls in your home to create some visual interest while also providing a place for storage. We use a variety of wood types to create these beautiful products, which will be a wonderful addition to any space. You might consider adding live edge shelves to your office or the lobby of your commercial facility if you want to create a more inviting and stunning atmosphere. We can also provide our live edge shelves to interior designers who want to provide their clients with unique and beautiful storage options. If you’re a real estate agent looking for the perfect piece to give to a buyer, our live edge shelves are an excellent and eye-catching option.

When designing and creating all of our pieces, we combine beauty and functionality. This extends to the live edge shelves we create, some of which are available in our inventory. If you’re looking for something unique to add to your walls, contact us to look at our selection. We offer our products to those located in and around Cary, North Carolina.