Live Edge Coffee Tables, Cary, NC

Our live edge coffee tables are truly one-of-a-kind.

Live Edge Coffee Tables in Cary, North CarolinaA coffee table is a piece in a home that adds to the visual appeal while also providing a functional purpose. When people in the home relax on the couch, they might use the coffee table to rest their feet or place their drinks and snacks. A coffee table can also serve as a focal point in a sitting room or a place that houses reading material for those who live in or visit the space. If you’re designing a space for a client in your work as an interior designer, you might be considering the addition of a functional and beautiful coffee table. Live edge coffee tables fit the bill, offering a touch of uniqueness to any style of home.

At WKS Wood Design, we specialize in live edge products, including beautiful live edge coffee tables. You can choose from a selection of coffee tables in our inventory, or we can design and create a custom piece that incorporates the wood that will look best in your client’s home. We can create a coffee table from a single slab of wood or join multiple pieces together in the design. When creating a table with several types of wood, we can place the live edges in different places and fill in the gaps with epoxy for a unique and stunning effect.

One thing is for certain: Our live edge coffee tables are truly one-of-a-kind. We work with interior designers throughout the Cary, North Carolina to provide live edge coffee tables and a number of other live edge products. Feel free to contact us today to learn more!