Kitchen Tables

Get the kitchen table that is just right for any space with our help.

Kitchen tables are so much more than a place to sit down and eat a meal! They are the workhorses of most dining areas, often serving multiple purposes such as a homework station, an area to roll out larger quantities of dough, a storage area, serving buffet, and most often, a place to sit down and eat a great meal. If you are looking for a unique, quality, and perhaps most importantly, gorgeous piece of furniture for your dining pleasure, we here at WKS Wood Design are here with kitchen tables that you’ll love.

We are able to offer all sorts of designs that you will enjoy for kitchen tables and in all sorts of shapes and styles. Because we have years of carefully honed wood design experience, we are able to create pieces like custom kitchen tables that you or any design client would love to have. We build our kitchen tables like all our pieces with quality and long-lasting design in mind. We don’t just want your kitchen table to be “good enough” for now; we want it to get better with age as you use it more and more, and then have it be in good shape that you can pass it down for generations!

If you have questions about kitchen tables, live edge pieces, styles, or stains, we are happy to talk with you! We would love to discuss kitchen tables or any of our other pieces at your convenience. Please chat with us today about kitchen tables that we have that can enrich your Durham, North Carolina home.