Cutting Boards, Apex, NC

Our wooden cutting boards can be a beautiful piece in any kitchen.

For many years, people have used wooden cutting boards for their cooking preparations. In more recent times, some people thought plastic cutting boards were the more sanitary option. This, however, has proven to not be true. Wooden cutting boards are just as safe, if not more, than the plastic options, as the bacteria are absorbed in the porous wooden surface, where they cannot multiply so they die. Plastic boards, in contrast, hold on to the bacteria in the shallow knife grooves. Another benefit of using wooden cutting boards is that they don’t dull your knife the way plastic boards do.

Cutting Boards in Apex, North Carolina

Wooden cutting boards can be more than a practical tool. They can also be an attractive piece to display in your kitchen. Here at WKS Wood Design, we have a large inventory of beautiful wooden cutting boards that make a great gift for a wedding, housewarming party, or many other occasions. We can also custom make your cutting board to any size, style, or finish you have in mind. This also allows for the option of a custom set of coordinating pieces, such as a cutting board and peppermill. If you choose a custom piece, you don’t need to worry about a long wait, as our order fulfillment time is very quick, with even larger pieces like our beautiful custom tables being done in less than a week.

Here at WKS Wood Design, we use only high-quality materials and put our best work into each piece we make, creating sustainable items that can become heirlooms for your family. Wood design is our passion, and we aim for you to love your items as much as we do. To see our cutting boards, or the many other beautiful pieces we have to offer, contact us at WKS Wood Design.


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