Custom Wood Tables

Our custom wood tables might be exactly what your clients’ spaces are missing.

.At WKS we have a passion for creating custom wood tables. After all, no tree or slab of wood is the same, and no client is either. We might even say the one commonality between homeowners is that everyone wants something different and distinctive. Luckily, we’re experts at creating something wholly unique according to the specifications we are given.

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We can preserve the natural beauty of the wood in a variety of ways when we design custom wood tables. For instance, many interior designers and other clients love our live edge tables, which can add rustic charm to any space and pay homage to the life the tree lived before being brought into the home. We can create a table that is the perfect size for your client and design it to be an unconventional shape, if that is the kind of style they prefer. We can even incorporate epoxy.

If you are interested in custom wood tables to complete your client’s home (or your own!), get in touch with us. We would be happy to show you what we have in our inventory or discuss a brand-new design idea!