About WKS Wood Design, Raleigh, NC

We offer beautiful custom wood furniture, made just for you.

Seeing a piece come together after hours and hours of fine-tuning and attention to detail is what drives us to keep producing unparalleled wood pieces at WKS Wood Design. Crafting stunning wood pieces is what we do, and a big reason why people turn to us for custom work is because of one of our founders, William.

About WKS Wood Design, Raleigh, NC

William is an artist and musician who has a passion for wood design. After moving his studio from New York to Raleigh, he decided to pursue this passion full-time and allow his creativity to shine. One of the reasons so many people prefer us is because of William’s creative process, attention to detail, and ability to transform any idea for a piece of custom wood design into reality.

There is no limit to William’s capability, so whether you want a custom table for your formal dining room or you want to add butcher block countertops to your kitchen, you can get exactly what you have in mind by turning the project over to us. William carefully chooses the slab for every project, goes over every design detail multiple times, and never cuts any corners during any part of the building, refinishing, or refining processes.

An exceptional piece of custom wood furniture is never beyond reach when you choose the right wood design shop for your project. To see more of William’s exceptional work or to find out more about what we do, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.