Wooden Chopping Boards, Chapel Hill, NC

Get unique and attractive wooden chopping boards for your needs.

Keeping a kitchen clean is important. Not only does a clean kitchen look better, but a dirty kitchen can quite literally make you very sick indeed if you aren’t careful about your cooking methods. One of the biggest issues out there is how people prepare their food and what they prepare their food on. If you are worried about the cleanliness factor of wooden dishes or wooden chopping boards, you needn’t be. Here at WKS Wood Design, we have been working with wooden chopping boards for years now and would like to de-bunk some of people’s most common fears about wooden chopping boards.

Wooden Chopping Boards in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  • Won’t wooden chopping boards allow germs to grow? Even though wood has gotten a bad reputation as being less clean than plastic items, the facts are completely the opposite. While a wooden cutting board will absorb germs and such into the porous surfaces, they simply dry out and die. However, a plastic cutting board allows germs to multiply along the surface, where there is always plenty of food and other tasty treats for germs to snack on within the blade marks of the last time you used your cutting board.
  • Aren’t wooden chopping boards difficult to clean? Nope! Wooden chopping boards aren’t any more difficult to clean than other items in your home. While you can’t throw them into the dishwasher, wooden chopping boards are far more clean, cleanable, and easier to maintain than you might think.

If you are looking for an attractive and stylish thing for your kitchen, start with the items used daily like a solid wooden chopping board! We know you’ll love seeing it in your Chapel Hill, North Carolina kitchen for years to come.