When Custom Tables Make the Most Sense

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While custom tables aren’t for everyone, there are several situations in which one can make the most sense. The reason to proceed with having a table made for you often falls into one of two categories: nothing else will work, or the desire for uniqueness. Custom wood tables are the most popular choice when either or both of these are involved because wood is so versatile and there are wood design professionals with exceptional talent to deliver what you envision.

Custom tables are a great solution for special needs

Getting back to the two categories, finding a table that fits a non-standard space, a desired unusual height, or some other need can prove hopeless sometimes. When that happens, discussing the criteria of the table you want with a wood design shop enables them to build exactly what you want. Custom tables are a great solution for special needs. Having space limitations, such as apartment living or joining the tiny house movement, is another case in which the need for custom tables comes into play. Of course, the need for a very large gathering table is also a time when custom tables can shine.

As for the other category, desire for uniqueness, that is rather self-explanatory. Custom tables that are visually captivating, such as natural edge tables, can be the focal point of a room and cherished heirlooms. Whether you are considering a small conversational table for the living room, a massive custom table for your formal dining room, a home office worktable, or something else, nothing says beautiful like custom tables.

Whether your search for custom tables is based on need or desire, or a bit of both, you can get the results you desire by working with our wood design professionals here at WKS Wood Design. Our talents mean you are limited only by your imagination and finding the right material. We create stunning live edge tables, wood slab tables, and much more, so don’t hesitate to contact us with what you have in mind.