We Offer Custom Woodwork to Warm Your World

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Anyone who loves the warm style of stained woodwork and the pleasant finish of perfect craftsmanship has probably walked into certain homes and breathed one of those homey little sighs the second they saw a piece of custom woodwork displayed – even if the home belonged to a stranger. There’s just something homey about it to me, too. My name is Carolyn, and I have spent years in the residential development industry. I’m looking forward to continuing to support this industry through supporting those who are looking for that special piece (or many pieces) of custom woodwork to deliver to their clients.

We Offer Custom Woodwork to Warm Your World

There are many benefits of offering your clients custom woodwork as part of their interior design, and I’ve already named a big one: custom woodwork can bring that warm glow that creates a special feeling of home within a space, and it can be customized to the tastes of each of your clients. Each hardwood has its own variegation and natural beauty that comes out as it is crafted into something useful and finished for use.

Wood furniture, like kitchen or coffee tables, can also bring a sense of home because they are naturally durable and associated with the long-lasting qualities we tend to associate with the feeling of home. Each piece is unique and can be shaped to fit into an exact space so everything in your design flows naturally for your client. Let us put a little bit of our heart into others’ homes through the lovely custom woodwork we offer to you through WKS Wood Design.