The Best Solid Wood Materials for Custom Dining Tables

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Solid wood is an excellent choice for custom dining tables. It’s durable and customizable, making it a highly demanded material. But with so many solid wood options out there, you may find it hard to choose a suitable material for your dining table.

The Best Solid Wood Materials for Custom Dining Tables

Luckily, we are here to help. Here are some of our top picks for the best solid wood materials for custom dining tables:

  • Oak. Oak is a hardwood that produces dense and durable wood. Furthermore, it has a beautiful, light-to-dark color with a subtle grain pattern which adds to its beauty. As a dining table material, oak is resistant to dings and scratches, meaning it only improves with age. Although it’s a bit more on the high end, oak is a classic choice for any home.
  • Walnut. One of the most appealing qualities of walnut is its rich, dark, and bold look. It’s also accompanied by an attractive, swirling grain pattern that adds to its bold appeal. And like oak, it’s also a hardwood, making it an excellent option for high-end custom dining tables.
  • Pine. Although pine is a softwood, it works great for custom dining tables. It suits more expressive décors due to its lighter color shade ranging from creamy white to yellow. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the luxury of staining pine, which will allow you to blend your dining table with your home’s interior. And with its more affordable range, you’ll not mind getting one.

Regardless of your preferred material, custom dining tables are an excellent investment for your home. They provide you with a unique beauty you cannot get from the monotony of mass manufacturing. At WKS Wood Design, we pride ourselves on handcrafting exemplary custom dining tables that satisfy all your décor needs. Contact us today.