Take Your Bistro Up a Notch with Custom Wood Dining Tables

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While most people who frequent restaurants will tell you that the “big 3” (quality atmosphere, menu, and service) are very important, few could tell you exactly what it was about the atmosphere that made a certain restaurant a winner. This is because the atmosphere is not defined by just one thing, but instead a multitude of things that create a wonderful ambiance. If you leave one thing out, you could have results that aren’t the home run you were hoping for. For example, great lighting is wonderful, but if you really want to take your bistro up a notch, consider custom wood dining tables.

Take Your Bistro Up a Notch with Custom Wood Dining Tables

Custom wood dining tables are something you might think of only in a residential setting, but the reality is that if you want people to feel “at home”, you can’t go wrong with doing the same thing for your bistro. It isn’t just about ambiance either. Dining tables can be a huge investment, and it could be money thrown away if they don’t hold up to regular use. Custom wood dining tables are going to provide the durability and longevity you want for your bistro.

One caveat to this advice is that you’ll need to establish a relationship with a wood design company far before the date you are opening or renovating your bistro. It takes time to handcraft custom dining tables, and you don’t want to try to rush the process. Another thing to understand is that each one will be at least a little bit different. You can’t expect a cookie-cutter result when you aren’t having them mass-produced in a factory. Of course, that is totally part of their charm!

At WKS Wood Design, we primarily craft custom dining tables for residential use. However, we are also happy to discuss what you need for your bistro to determine if we can fulfill your order. It typically takes us up to a week to produce one table, depending on the complexity. Whether you are looking to have several custom dining tables for your guests or just a couple to have as décor items, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.