Ideas for Custom Wood Tables

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A custom wood table may be just the thing you need to complete your home, whether you want a custom dining table, coffee table, side table, or nightstand. However, when it comes to making the decisions about your custom table, there are a lot of options and ideas to consider. With your imagination combined with our wood design skills, the options for customization are endless. Here are just a few ideas for custom wood tables to get you started.

Why Our Custom Wood Tables are Perfect for Any Home

  • Live edge tables: Live edge tables are a popular choice for custom wood tables. As the name suggests, the table has an edge of live wood, giving your room a beautiful, natural look.
  • The perfect fit: A common idea for custom wood tables is designing a table that will fit your family perfectly. Whether you need it longer to fit the whole family with guests or built high to fit taller family members, we can tailor it to fit your needs perfectly.
  • Going back to your roots: Another idea for custom wood tables involves going back to your roots. If you had a favorite tree in the backyard of your childhood home, we could replicate the wood of that tree in your custom wood table. That way, you can be reminded of the joys of childhood each time you look at your table.

There are plenty of directions you can go with custom wood tables, as long as you are willing to combine our skills with your imagination. If you’re ready to start collaborating on your next custom table, just give us a call.