How to Care for Your Wood Cutting Board

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Whether you are cutting onions, meat, or bread, every home needs a good cutting board. Our favorite type of cutting board here at WKS Wood Design is a wood cutting board. Wood cutting boards have benefits that far surpass other types of cutting boards. When you own a wood cutting board, there are some important steps of care that you need to take. If properly taken care of, wood cutting boards will last a lifetime. Here is how to care for your wood cutting board:

  • Wash – It is important to wash your wood cutting board after using it. Be sure to wash the top, bottom, and sides to ensure uniform swelling and ware. You can use just water or soap and water and leave it on its side to dry.

How to Care for Your Wood Cutting Board

  • Mineral Oil – It is vital that you oil your wood cutting board. This will keep it looking and feeling smooth and beautiful. You will want to use a mineral oil that does not have a smell or taste. Be sure to apply an even coat on all sides and edges. Let this dry on its side for at least 3 hours.
  • Board Cream – After the mineral oil has dried you can apply a board cream in the same manner as the mineral oil. Allow to dry overnight on its side. The next day take a cloth and rub your board down in a circular motion.

Following these simple steps to care for your wood cutting board will help to ensure that it is stain resistant and will last a lifetime.