Consider Custom Woodwork for Gift Giving

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There are often gift-giving occasions that are more challenging than others. If you have found this to be the case, one suggestion is considering custom woodwork. Items such as hand-turned bowls and platters, custom crafted salt & pepper shakers, unique and beautiful specialty wooden cutting boards, and even live oak tables are always appreciated. Here are a few situations in which a custom woodwork shop can help you with gift giving, even if it is for yourself!

  • Wedding Anniversary – There are two anniversary gift lists that people follow: traditional and modern. On the traditional list, wood is the gift for the fifth year, and it is the sixth year on the modern list.
  • Gift for a Collector – There are many salt & pepper shaker collectors out there, and you might even know one. A custom-designed set will go over very well and save you from inadvertently buying them one they already have.
  • Housewarming Gift – When someone is setting up their first home, they need lots of things for the kitchen, and a hand-turned bowl, platter, cutting board or wooden salt and/or pepper mill will be quite appreciated. Even someone on their second or third home could need these things if their current items have seen better days.
  • Wedding Gift – Whether you are looking for a small gift or something extravagant, custom woodwork has the versatility to deliver. From a cutting board for an acquaintance to an heirloom-worthy live edge table for those closest to you, you can be certain your gift isn’t one they’ll return or have a duplicate of.

If you are looking for custom woodwork for a gift for anyone or even yourself, you’ll find what you are looking for here at WKS Wood Design. We have an inventory of items that make great gifts, and if you want something extra special, simply ask us about custom-created masterpieces that will have you getting the “best giver” award! Contact us today to learn more about our custom woodwork.