Caring for Your Wooden Cutting Boards

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Wooden cutting boards have been around for ages. Before the days of plastic everything, wooden cutting boards were quite the common household staple. When plastic cutting boards became an option, people were erroneously told that their wooden cutting boards weren’t food safe! Since plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe and you’d never dream of putting a wooden cutting board in the dishwasher, we assumed that plastic was better. Nowadays, we know what all our ancestors knew — that wooden cutting boards are a great option, safe, and when kept cleaned and maintained, can outlast those ugly plastic cutting boards by a few generations. The proper care and maintenance of wooden cutting boards is crucial, so we here at WKS Wood Design would like to give you a few tips to make sure your cutting boards last.

cutting boards are dishwasher safe

Cleaning your wooden cutting board is essential, so make sure you are doing it properly. A wooden cutting board should never be left to soak or loaded into the dishwasher! Instead, scrub with a few drops of dish detergent, rinse with hot water and dry well. Leave your wooden cutting board standing upright when possible. You can use half a lemon with salt sprinkled on it to clean as well, rinsing with hot water afterwards. A solution of bleach or vinegar and water is great for disinfecting purposes.

After your cutting boards are clean and thoroughly dry, rub them with some food-grade mineral oil to keep them treated and looking great! For more tips on caring for your wooden cutting boards, please contact us at WKS Wood Design today.