4 Reasons Live Edge Tables are Loved by
So Many

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There is something special about live edge tables. There are many reasons why live edge tables are so popular and sought after. Below are four reasons people love a live edge table.

Live edge tables are aesthetically pleasing and functional

  1. Artwork in your home – Live edge tables are unique, impressive, beautiful and conversation starters. They are just as much a piece of art as a painting on your wall. Each live edge table is unique with different grains, burrs and knots.
  2. Brings the outdoors inside – There is a true connection between the outdoors and humans. When bringing a live edge table into your home, you really are bringing a living piece of the outdoors inside your house. It is well known that elements of the outdoors can bring peace and reduce stress and anxiety. We feel that live edge tables add an element of calm and beauty to any home.
  3. Adds a focal point – When you walk into a room with a live edge table, your eyes are immediately drawn to it. It is a centerpiece, especially when it is a large table. It is hard to resist its impressive beauty.
  4. Aesthetic and functional – Live edge tables are aesthetically pleasing and functional. They are made to stand the test of time. Live edge tables will last a lifetime and most likely become a family heirloom.

4 Reasons Live Edge Tables are Loved by So Many

Live edge tables are beautiful, functional, eye catching, calming and so much more. We know that you will love having a one in your home. We would love to help you select and build your live edge table. Stop by WKS Wood Design to discuss the many options for your new live edge table.