Natural Living Edge Tables, Holly Springs, NC

We offer beautiful natural living edge tables to lend elegance to any space.

Just like with fashion, music, or anything else, there are distinct styles within furniture design, and people will naturally have their own preferences. For instance, some people prefer a minimalist look, with clean lines and sleek curves. On the other hand, others prefer a less streamlined look that offers a variety of textures. If you fall closer to the latter side of the spectrum, you may be interested in the natural living edge tables that we offer here at WKS Wood Design.

natural living edge tables in Holly Springs, North Carolina

Natural living edge tables are just what they sound like: tables that incorporate the organic shape of the tree from which the wood was cut. Instead of trimming the tabletop to make it perfectly rectangular, the carpenters instead preserve the natural variations. Here at WKS Wood Design, we love to highlight the unique beauty of different cuts of wood, and natural living edge tables are a great way to do that. We mill our own boards for these tables, making use of every inch of material. Traditional milling discards several inches of the tree trunk to create perfectly straight lines, so natural edge pieces also generate less wasted wood. We are committed to delivering top-notch craftsmanship in all of our projects, so you can trust that our natural living edge tables will give you the same quality and elegance as all of our other pieces.

At WKS Wood Design, we are proud to serve the Holly Springs, North Carolina community, and we want to give you the high-quality pieces you deserve. If you are interested in our natural living edge tables, we encourage you to give us a call to find out more.