Live Edge Tables

We’re well-known throughout the nation for our live edge tables.

Although there are many sources for furniture, some stand above the rest with their commitment to quality and beauty. It’s tough to beat the offerings from our team at WKS Wood Design, a wood design business based out of North Carolina that takes a custom approach to furniture creation. We’re well-known throughout the nation for our live edge tables, which capture the natural edge of the original wood rather than finishing it and smoothing away the uniqueness.

Live Edge Tables

We can create live edge tables for various purposes, including dining and entertainment. If you’ve been looking for the perfect kitchen table, one with a live edge could make all the difference in the overall appeal of your space. Our team can also craft wood coffee tables and consoles featuring the natural beauty of the materials.

Along with visual appeal, another advantage of live edge tables is the eco-friendly nature involved in using the majority of the tree. If you like the idea of reducing your environmental impact, you’ll be happy to know that our handcrafted live edge tables are built to last.

Using high-quality materials, we’re able to create pieces that are often passed down from generation to generation. Rather than purchasing cheap furniture that will end up in a landfill in a few years, you can invest in something that will be part of your family gatherings for many years to come.

We work with individual buyers, as well as designers who are looking to incorporate unique elements into the work they do for their clients. If you’ve been looking for something that stands out, we invite you to consider our live edge tables.


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