Live Edge Tables, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Find the perfect unique look you want in our high-quality live edge tables.

Are you looking for a new table that has something a little unique? Are you bored of the same traditional look you seem to find at all of the large furniture stores? If you want a new table that offers the latest style with handmade, hardwood durability, then come to us at WKS Wood Design and check out our live edge tables. Live edge tables continue to grow in popularity thanks to their beautiful appeal and their environmentally friendly construction.

Live Edge Tables in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

Each of our live edge tables are made from high quality wood. Unlike most tables where many parts of the tree are shaved off and tossed as scraps, the live edge table incorporates the natural edge of a tree, even the bark. This means fewer trees are needed to make your table.

Here at WKS Wood Design, we love the beauty that each tree has to offer and the way that preserving some of its natural shape can add interest and style to your room design. Although we do have a small inventory of live edge tables, as well as other handmade wood furniture and other items for you to choose from, most of our work is custom built. That means that you can choose the dimensions of your table so that it fits perfectly in the space you have in mind.

Don’t let the idea of custom make you think you’ll have to wait forever. We work hard to make sure our live edge tables are made strong and durable, but we are also able to get them done quickly, with most pieces finished and ready to go in one week.

To see our live edge tables or other beautiful pieces you may want for your Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina home or business, come to us at WKS Wood Design.


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