Live Edge Tables, Apex, NC

Live edge tables are a uniquely beautiful option for any space.

A table is very utilitarian piece of furniture that has many uses. Just because most everyone has one, however, doesn’t mean that you need to have one like most everyone else! If you are looking for something a little different and special, then we here at WKS Wood Design would love to help you get a unique piece with one of our live edge tables.

Live Edge Tables in Apex, North Carolina

Live edge tables are often distinguishable from other tables simply due to their stunning live edge. Rather than cutting off the raw edge from the outer portion of the tree, live edge tables will keep this edge for a more unique look. Live edge tables can be made with or without bark, it often just depends on the cut of the wood or the look that you’re going for. Either way you decide to keep your live edge will look great!

Here at WKS Wood Design, we design all different kinds of live edge tables in different sizes and shapes. We can create tables from one large slab of a tree and keep the live edge on both sides or we can also work with slices that have the live edge on one side, joining the two together with resin or other pieces of wood. If you are looking for live edge tables, we have a variety of options that we can show you here at WKS Wood Design!

To learn more about our many fine pieces of furniture that we offer for your Apex, North Carolina home, please come see our variety of pieces or have one custom-made today.


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