Live Edge Mantels, Durham, NC

Live edge mantels are beautiful additions to any space.

When a home has a fireplace, it may also include a shelf over that fireplace that provides a place for keepsakes and meaningful items. A mantel might feature family photos or souvenirs from memorable trips. Mantels can be made from a variety of materials, but a live edge mantel can add interest and visual appeal to this space in a home or business. At WKS Wood Design, we design and create live edge mantels for clients located in and around Durham, North Carolina.

Live Edge Shelves, Durham, NC

Live edge mantels are beautiful additions to any space. We use a variety of wood types to create these unique pieces, each of which feature an edge that incorporates the natural edge of the wood in its design. Some live edge mantels feature the bark from the tree it came from, while others don’t have the bark intact. If you want a more refined appearance for your mantel, we can provide you with a piece that has a smoother edge.

When crafting live edge mantels, we can use single slabs from trees or several wood pieces that are joined together. Our wood design shop enjoys creating one-of-a-kind pieces for each of our valued clients. We can create the perfect piece for your space, or you can choose from our inventory of pieces. Some of our clients are individual property owners who are decorating their own homes and businesses, while others are real estate agents looking for the perfect gift for their buyers. Still others are interior designers who provide our handcrafted pieces to their clients. For more information or to take a closer look at the mantels we offer, contact us today.