Cutting Boards

We handcraft beautiful and functional cutting boards with real wood.

Whenever you prepare a meal, you probably use a few key pieces of equipment. Making a meal from scratch often involves cutting and peeling, especially if you’re using fresh fruits or vegetables. But without the right tools available to you, the experience may not be very enjoyable.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are essential in the kitchen, yet many of the styles available in stores have flaws. Plastic cutting boards are popular, yet they can harbor bacteria when they become scarred and scratched from extensive use. They also don’t last very long, which means you’ll spend more money replacing them on a regular basis.

Since you’re likely using cutting boards often, it makes sense to invest in the highest-quality options. At WKS Wood Design, we handcraft beautiful and functional cutting boards with real wood. You may mistakenly believe that using a wood cutting board isn’t safe when it comes to sanitation, but that actually isn’t true. Wood has self-healing properties, which means cuts and scars in the material won’t always remain as they do on plastic surfaces. With the proper cleaning processes, you can return to using the beautiful wood cutting boards you love without worry of them harboring germs.

Our stunning wood cutting boards are crafted with different types of wood to create unique appeal. They are available in all sizes and styles, as we take a custom approach to our work. Additionally, we offer wooden salt and pepper mills that can complement your new cutting boards. For more information about our selection, reach out today.


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